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   Practice Policies

​  Payment Policies

        Patient paperwork:
  • Read and carefully fill out all parts of the health questionnaire

  • Mail the medical questionnaire back with your consultation fee (please see the payment policy schedule).

  • It is your responsibility to authorize the release of current medical records for my review. Please contact your primary care physician to obtain these records and send them to me.

  • After reviewing your questionnaire and current laboratory and medical records we will contact you for an appointment time to discuss our findings and make further specialized laboratory/diagnostic testing recommendations.

  • Diagnostic testing is an integral component of your treatment plan and the test results are used to design your personal healthcare program as well as uncover the root causes of your health conditions.

  • Nutritional supplements are often necessary and recommended and I will help you find and select the highest quality nutraceuticals. 




  Consultation fees must  be paid prior to the
    appointment. ​ 

  The cost of care above is considered a reasonable  
   physician fee and still allows the patient to have
   the necessary diagnostic  tests and therapeutic   
   treatments .​  

  Essentially, the physician fee is for diagnostic
 ​  evaluation, ordering necessary lab tests, identifying
  root causes,  arriving at a diagnostic impression,
  complex  decision making , and developing an
  effective therapeutic plan.  

  There is no additional fee for simple brief
   clarifications from recent visits and/or management
   of side effects of recent prescribed therapy.

   ** You may find out what your insurance company
   will reimburse for the visits by using the above CPT
   codes and asking the out of network reimbursement.

    COFMHWC is an out of network provider and fees
​    are payable at the time of service. We will provide
    you with a receipt of care that you may submit to
    your insurance for possible reimbursement.

    ** Please note that HMO insurances, Medicare and
   medicaid do not provide benefits for out of network
​   providers.  

  Treatment Cost:

Visit Type           Duration   Fee          CPT Code

​ Initial Consult    60-90        $150       99205+/-99354
​ Follow - up           30-60        $100       99215

   Complex, detailed responses or questions outside of

   recent visit are prorated by time at $25 for each
   additional 15 minute interval. 

there is no btter time than now

  ​Treatment Programs:

 Optimizing your health is a process which takes time, especially for patients suffering from chronic conditions. Thus,​  a treatment program may be a better option. 

​ Monthly follow ups allow repeat diagnostic testing to be done to assess care effectiveness, necessary modification of treatment protocols, ordering additional tests to identify other contributory or hidden root causes.

​ Clinical outcomes/results of the programs will vary by individual. COFMHWC is not making any representation as to the efficacy of any treatment program.

 Treatment programs Cost:  

   3 month plan = $420
   6 month plan = $630
  12 month plan = $990

​  Treatment programs include initial consultation
   and one 30 minute follow up.

​   All treatment programs must be prepaid. If you leave the program, a refund will be issued only on the unused time and service.


 ​Lab Testing​​

Many lab tests are covered by insurance, but some may not
 be. You will be advised of the possible out of pocket expense
 of recommended tests before you commit to them.

​ The exact lab tests are ordered after the initial evaluation. 
 Depending on each individual circumstances, it may include:
 a. Blood tests
 b. Stool tests
 c. Breath tests
 d. Toxicity evaluation using blood or urine.
 e. Saliva or blood hormone tests
 f. Urine tests
 g. Genetic tests 


​  Necessary nutritional supplements are often
  recommended. As a patient, you have a number of
  options and we often recommend customized
  personalized nutritional supplements that are made for
  you and will be sent directly to your home.

​  We also work with multiple professional manufactures
  of hypoallergenic nutritional supplements and
  recommend only the highest quality. 

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