​​Central Ohio Functional Medicine, Health & Wellness Consulting, LLC

​The Practice

Functional healthcare focuses on the following: Recovery from sub optimal health, Optimization of health and healthy aging, Management of the underlying causes of complex, chronic disease.
I offer a complementary phone consultation to make sure we both think my practice is a good fit for you. Expect to spend about 10-15 minutes discussing your concerns, and I will give you an honest assessment of whether I think I can help you achieve your goals.
Email your chief concerns and we will schedule a brief complementary phone consultation.

        ​The Approach​​

  ​            ​The Process​​

a fresh approach to disease
functional health process

 Benefit of approach   
1. Spending more time with patients and carefully listening to their histories.
2. Acknowledgment of the patient’s health issues and goals.
3. Organizing the subjective and objective details of the patients health histories.
4. Identifying antecedent predisposing factors, triggering events, and perpetuating mediating factors associated with their health issues.
5. Identifying interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors influencing long – term health and complex chronic disease.
6. Functional healthcare is an integrative, physiologically based health science approach that considers the complex web of interactions and biochemical cellular factors that affect total functioning.
7. The main focus of functional medicine is identifying root causes of chronic problems.


Functional Health process
1. Gathering and organizing information from detailed health questionnaires and patient consultation.
2. Recommending and initiating further functional assessment interventions including sophisticated and advanced laboratory testing for metabolic biomarkers to identify biochemical and genetic causes that can affect human physiology negatively perpetuating suboptimal health and predisposing to chronic disease.
 3. In-depth and detailed evaluation of the functional assessments.
4. Development of a therapeutic plan and specific personalized therapeutic interventions.
5. Implementation of recommendations.
6. Working closely with the patient to amplify
, strengthen, and improve clinical outcomes.
7. Tracking the effectiveness of care/clinical outcomes on follow-up visits.

it's time to change if your old routine doesnt work

      From Unhealthy​ ​Lifestyle

              To a Healthy​ Life style​​

functional disorders; headaches, constipation, mood changes, anxiety, emotional stress, dizziness, no interest, unhappy
healthy lifestyle, exercise, healthy  diet

 ​Functional Disorders​​

take action,spring into health

  ​ Functional Therapeutic Approach      ​​

Modification of lifestyle behavior
Personalized prescribed therapeutic dietary plans
Personalized nutraceutical supplements “tailored made” from the metabolic and genetic testing results
Stress – management protocol recommendations
Achievable age appropriate specific exercises


All therapeutic recommendations are based upon the identification of the complex biochemistry, genetics, and physiological issues driving your symptom expression, and provide personalized specific research and evidence – based treatments to improve your health.
It is important for all functional medicine patients to understand that cellular metabolic function is inherent to the pathophysiology of chronic disease.
The two main areas of the Central Ohio Functional Medicine, Health, and Wellness practice are advanced sophisticated diagnostic testing, and personalized evidence – based treatments. Essentially, this is a test and treat type of practice, and a fix or manage type practice.

functional medicine for athletes

   Who would benefit from Functional     ​​
   Medicine Evaluation & Treatment?​​

  • ​​  Those who failed conventional medical care
  •  Those who’ve had partial success with medical care but have not    reached optimum health
  •  All who suffer from chronic and degenerative diseases (*please refer  to the list of conditions treated)
  •  Those who have good health and want to improve or maintain their  health
  •  Athletes, body builders, and recreational sporting enthusiasts  wanting to optimize diet and nutrition for peak performance
  •  Especially seniors who want to experience healthy aging
functional medicine for healthy aging

  ​In other words, Everyone can Benefit !​​

functional medicine for healthy lifestyle